Why Did Eren Tell Mikasa He Hates Her? The Truth About It!

Hey there, anime enthusiasts! If you’re still reeling from the shocking revelation in “Attack on Titan” regarding Eren’s unexpected declaration of hate for Mikasa, then you’re not alone. This unexpected twist has left fans worldwide in a state of disbelief and confusion. But fear not, because we’re diving deep into the possible reasons behind Eren’s startling confession and exploring the complex dynamics between these two iconic characters. So, buckle up as we unravel the mystery behind Eren’s perplexing statement!

Why Did Eren Tell Mikasa He Hates Her?

Eren’s confession to Mikasa has stirred up a whirlwind of emotions among fans. His belief that severing their bond will protect her is a shocking revelation that has left many questioning his true motives. It seems that Eren’s desire to distance himself from Mikasa stems from a fear of putting her in harm’s way.

This unexpected admission has undoubtedly added complex layers to the character dynamics and storyline, leaving audiences intrigued and eagerly anticipating more revelations. The impact of Eren’s shocking confession on their relationship moving forward has fans speculating about the future of their bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Eren’s statement about hating Mikasa genuine?

Eren’s statement about hating Mikasa was a complex mix of emotions and motivations, making it difficult to determine its genuineness. It seems that Eren’s declaration of hate towards Mikasa may have been driven by a desire to sever their close bond for reasons yet to be fully revealed.

The shocking revelation raises questions about the true nature of Eren’s feelings towards Mikasa and the underlying factors that led to his unexpected statement. Fans are eagerly anticipating further developments in the storyline to shed light on the perplexing dynamic between Eren and Mikasa. The intricacies of their relationship continue to baffle and captivate audiences, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

How did Mikasa react to Eren’s shocking revelation?

Mikasa’s world was rocked by Eren’s unexpected declaration, leaving her deeply hurt and taken aback. The hurtful words he spoke left her struggling to comprehend his motives, and a mix of confusion, sadness, and disbelief washed over her. The emotional turmoil was palpable as Mikasa grappled with the significance of Eren’s confession, not knowing how to navigate the shaken foundation of their relationship.

What led to Eren telling Mikasa he hates her?

Eren’s decision to tell Mikasa he hates her stems from his desire to sever their emotional ties and break free from the influence of the Ackerman family. This shocking revelation was an attempt to push Mikasa away, driven by Eren’s belief that it would protect her from further harm.

The intense moment was a product of Eren’s complex emotions, as he felt expressing hatred was the only way to escape his fate. The underlying reasons behind Eren’s declaration of hate shed light on the depth of his internal struggle and the heavy burden he carries as a key figure in the battle for freedom. This revelation adds intriguing layers to the complexities of Eren’s character and the dynamics of his relationships.

What impact did Eren’s confession have on their relationship?

Eren’s confession created a rift between him and Mikasa, causing a significant strain in their bond. Mikasa was deeply hurt and confused by Eren’s confession, leading to a sense of betrayal and emotional turmoil. The revelation left both Eren and Mikasa grappling with the newfound complexities of their relationship, altering the dynamic they once shared. Eren’s confession triggered a profound shift in their connection, leaving them both questioning the authenticity of their feelings and trust. This dramatic turn of events has undoubtedly left fans in suspense, eager to see how their relationship will evolve in light of Eren’s shocking admission.

Is there a deeper reason behind Eren’s words?

Eren’s shocking revelation about hating Mikasa may be tied to his complex emotions and inner turmoil. The truth behind Eren’s declaration could stem from a pivotal moment in their shared history, revealing deep-seated issues. Perhaps Eren’s statement is a manifestation of his internal struggle with duty, identity, and the burden of leadership. Eren’s declaration may be rooted in a larger plan or strategy that has yet to unfold, leaving us all in suspense. As the layers of Eren’s character continue to unravel, fans are left with a mix of curiosity and concern about the true motives behind his startling admission.


In conclusion, Eren’s unexpected confession to Mikasa has sent shockwaves through the fan community, prompting a reevaluation of his motives and the dynamics of their relationship. The revelation that Eren believes distancing himself from Mikasa will protect her has added intriguing complexity to the storyline, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting further developments. As fans speculate on the future of their bond, it’s clear that Eren’s shocking admission has significantly altered the trajectory of their relationship and the narrative as a whole.