Why Did Eren Kill 80 Of Humanity? Uncovering The Mystery!

Hey there, Titan fans! Today, we’re diving into the shocking truth behind Eren’s decision to eradicate 80% of humanity. If you’ve been following the blockbuster manga and anime series “Attack on Titan,” you know that Eren’s choice has left us all reeling. Let’s unravel the complexities of his decision and explore the mind-boggling implications it holds for the fate of humanity within the walls. So, buckle up and get ready for an eye-opening exploration into this jaw-dropping storyline!

Why Did Eren Kill 80 Of Humanity?

The shocking truth behind Eren’s decision to kill 80% of humanity lies in his deep desire to protect the people he cares about, pushing him to extreme measures. His drastic choice was significantly shaped by the revelation of humanity’s history and the oppression they faced.

Moreover, the fear of losing loved ones and the heavy burden of responsibility for their safety heavily influenced Eren’s controversial decision. Ultimately, he believed that sacrificing a portion of humanity was necessary to ensure the survival and freedom of the rest, driving his shocking resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What led Eren to make such a drastic decision?

Eren’s decision to sacrifice 80% of humanity stemmed from his deep sense of responsibility, as he believed it was the only way to break the cycle of conflict and suffering. The revelation of the world’s true history had a profound impact on his perception, influencing his decision-making process significantly.

Witnessing the loss of his loved ones and countless tragedies fueled Eren’s determination to take extreme measures for what he believed to be the greater good. Additionally, his unwavering resolve and deep desire for freedom played a crucial role in his shocking choice to pursue such a drastic path.

Were there any signs or foreshadowing of Eren’s decision earlier in the series?

Yes, throughout the series, there were subtle hints that indicated Eren’s growing disillusionment with the current state of affairs. His increasing frustration with the limitations imposed by the government and his deep desire for freedom was evident in several key scenes.

The conversations Eren had with various characters subtly indicated his evolving mindset and hinted at his willingness to take extreme measures for what he believed was necessary. Additionally, the strategic choices and sacrifices Eren made, particularly in dire situations, foreshadowed his eventual drastic decision to eliminate a majority of humanity. These subtle but significant indicators shed light on the path that led to Eren’s shocking choice.

How did Eren’s relationships with other characters influence his decision?

Eren’s deep connection with Mikasa intensified the burden of responsibility he felt, understanding that his choices would profoundly affect her. Meanwhile, his friendship with Armin held significant sway over his perspective, as he highly regarded Armin’s perspectives and viewpoints. The strain in his relationship with Levi also factored into his decision-making, as their clashing beliefs brought about inner conflict. Additionally, the intricate dynamics with Historia greatly influenced Eren’s choice, taking into account the repercussions for her and her future.