Does Holiday World Have Towels? Detailed Answer!

Welcome, my fellow thrill-seekers, to the ultimate guide to towels at Holiday World! As you gear up for an exhilarating visit to this remarkable theme park, you might have some burning questions about the availability of towels for the water attractions. Fear not, because I’ve got your back. In this extensive blog post, we’ll tackle the top five frequently asked questions about towels at Holiday World and equip you with all the essential information for a stress-free and enjoyable visit.

Does Holiday World Have Towels?

So, you’re probably wondering if you need to stuff your suitcase with towels for a day of aquatic adventures at Holiday World. The answer is no – Holiday World does not provide towels for their water attractions. It’s highly recommended that you bring your own towels or consider purchasing one from the gift shops within the park. By planning ahead and bringing your own towel, you can ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable water park experience.

Can I rent towels at Holiday World?

While Holiday World doesn’t offer towel rentals, they do have a selection of souvenir shops where guests can purchase towels and other essential items. If you find yourself without a towel, simply head to one of these shops and pick up everything you need to continue your aquatic adventures in comfort.

Are there designated areas for storing towels at Holiday World?

Absolutely! There are designated areas throughout the park where guests can safely store their belongings, including towels. These storage areas provide convenience and peace of mind so that you can fully immerse yourself in the thrills and spills of the water attractions without worrying about your personal items.

What are some alternative options for drying off at Holiday World?

If bringing your own towel isn’t feasible or convenient, fear not! Many guests opt to use quick-drying clothing or simply air dry after enjoying the water rides. Additionally, many of the sun-soaked spots around the park are perfect for basking in warmth while letting nature take care of the drying process naturally.

Are there any specific guidelines for bringing towels into the park?

Holiday World allows guests to bring their own towels into the park without any specific restrictions. However, it’s always wise to check with the official guidelines before your visit just in case there have been any updates or changes regarding what is permitted within the park grounds.


There you have it – everything you need to know about towels at Holiday World! By being prepared with your own towel or knowing where to purchase one on-site, you can make sure that your day of aquatic fun goes off without a hitch. So, grab your sunscreen, swimsuit, and towel, and get ready for an unforgettable experience at Holiday World! With your towel conundrum solved, you can focus on making a splash and creating lasting memories at this incredible theme park.