Can You Change Your Appearance In Destiny 2?

Can You Change Your Appearance In Destiny 2?

Hey there, fellow guardians! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of appearance customization in Destiny 2? As a Destiny 2 player, you know that your character’s look is not just about aesthetics; it’s a reflection of your identity within the game. Get ready to explore the depths of appearance customization and discover how it can elevate your gameplay experience to a whole new level.

I. Understanding Appearance Customization in Destiny 2

When it comes to Destiny 2, appearance customization is more than just picking out a cool outfit for your character. It’s about expressing your unique identity within the game world. Whether you’re battling it out in the Crucible or embarking on epic raids, your appearance plays a significant role in how you present yourself to other players. From armor sets to emotes and character features, every aspect of your appearance is a canvas for self-expression.

II. The Basics of Changing Your Appearance

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a style upgrade, but where do you start? Fear not, fellow guardian! Changing your appearance in Destiny 2 is easier than decrypting an engram. First, head to the Tower and locate the Eververse Trading Company. Here, you’ll find a plethora of customization options at your fingertips. From hairstyles to facial features and even gender, Destiny 2 offers a wide array of elements that can be modified to suit your preferences.

III. Unlocking New Appearance Options

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of appearance customization, it’s time to expand your wardrobe and style options. Acquiring new appearance items in Destiny 2 is an adventure in itself. Whether it’s through conquering challenging gameplay achievements, participating in special events, or indulging in a bit of retail therapy, there are numerous avenues to unlock unique customization options. Remember, the journey to obtaining the perfect look is just as thrilling as showcasing it in the game.

IV. Customization Beyond Armor and Emotes

While armor and emotes may take the spotlight, there are lesser-known customization features that can truly set your character apart. Shaders, transmog systems, and ornaments offer a whole new dimension of customization. Experimenting with these features can elevate your guardian’s style to legendary status. Dive into the world of shaders to infuse your armor with a unique color scheme, or unlock ornaments to add that extra touch of flair to your gear.

V. Community Tips and Tricks

The Destiny 2 community is a treasure trove of creativity and inspiration when it comes to appearance customization. Seasoned guardians have honed their skills in creating stunning and unique looks for their characters. From fashion-forward armor sets to meticulously coordinated shaders, the community’s insights and user-generated content can provide a wealth of inspiration for your own customization endeavors.

VI. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my character’s gender in Destiny 2?

Yes, Destiny 2 allows you to modify your character’s gender, providing you with the flexibility to fully customize your guardian’s identity.

2. Are there any limitations to changing my character’s appearance?

While Destiny 2 offers a wide range of appearance customization options, some features may have certain restrictions based on the availability of items or specific gameplay requirements.

3. How often can I modify my character’s appearance?

You can modify your character’s appearance as often as you like, allowing for continuous experimentation and evolution of your guardian’s look.

4. Do appearance changes affect my character’s abilities or stats?

No, appearance changes are purely cosmetic and do not impact your character’s abilities or in-game stats.

5. Can I preview appearance changes before finalizing them?

Absolutely! Destiny 2 provides a preview feature that allows you to visualize your appearance changes before making any final decisions.


In conclusion, the world of appearance customization in Destiny 2 is a vibrant and integral part of the game experience. From unlocking new customization options to exploring the depths of shaders and ornaments, there’s a multitude of ways to express your guardian’s unique style. So, fellow guardians, embrace the power of customization and let your virtual avatar reflect the legendary hero within you. It’s time to unleash your creativity and make your mark in the world of Destiny 2!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced guardian, this guide has armed you with the knowledge and inspiration to transform your appearance in Destiny 2. So, gear up, customize with confidence, and let your legend shine through!